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Roadtripping in Sweden

From the Eastern coast up to the middle of Sweden and back along the western border with Normay & the stunning Bohuslän archipelago: a magnificent roadtrip. 

Discover Bali

Stunning Bali is an ideal introduction to South East Asia. We toured around the island in April 2017 and had a blast!

Roadtripping in South Africa

In August 2016 we took a roadtrip in South Africa, traveling from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth.

Let this country impress you!

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Unesco World Heritage

When we travel, we focus on Unesco World Heritage, next to local food, nature & wildlife. Discover our visited sites and get inspired for your next trip!


Stil one of our favourite trips we did so far! We discovered the beautiful city of Marrakech and the surrounding Atlas mountains. A daytrip to Essaouira made the trip complete. 

Bearwatching in Sweden

We spent the night in a cabin in the woods to watch one of the biggest animals in Europe. A splendid experience!